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BSG Admin Header Background

something like this might already exist, but I didn't see it prior to write it.
I use GetSimple on several installation, and sometimes need to identify quickly on which website I'm working.
Using a custom background in the header of the page makes this easy, so I hacked this plugin.

It might be useful to some people too so here it is. There are no security checks yet since if someone can access your admin page, this plugin would be the least of your concern.

I will probably add an option to change the admin header gradient (or plain color) but right now it seems to do its job for me.

By the way : you can achieve quite the same thing using the excellent Admin Header-Footer plugin but this one is more straightforward for this specific purpose.
edit : attached file removed and replaced by extend link

I like this.

I have also set a custom favicon for the admin pages of some sites – very useful for making the right browser tab selection. Would you consider extending your plugin to be able to do this, too ?

By the way, it seems to be impossible to load your plugin using the Extend downloader. I don't know which plugin has the problem. Trying to install (yours) fails with a message to download manually.
I haven’t looked into the extend downloaded, neither have I had any hand in the extend API. I would like to point at the Wiki page on how plugins interact with extend, especially the section on the package structure:
  /yourplugin.php [this should be a unique across all plugins]
  /yourplugin/ [any folder(s) that your plugin may utilize]
Not that this plugin has the following structure:
The names are not equal. This might well be the problem. Could you please rename either the ZIP archive or the main PHP file, Bertrand?
“Don’t forget the important ˚ (not °) on the a,” says the Unicode lover.
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@hameau : I will see if I can make it, sounds like a nice feature.
@Zegnåt : thanks for the information, I didn't look into the extend manager neither but this is certainly the explanation.


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