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Inspirational Music
I just love this music,
i like it very much,
To relax i tried some of those nature sounds and actually feel way better and more focus while doing stuff.

Another ones are instrumental, Love to listen some happy and energetic rhitms.

When im in a hurry, some crazy tecno / trance makes me work faster Tongue
And melodic trance ! Uplifting.

I think i prefer music without voice ...
Like violin too, electric violin its amazing, and some solo metal.

designthing Wrote:i like Filmscore music. Weird Huh?

That too. Fillmscore just makes you dream.
I love Sterno love inspirational Music, in this time this music on my
mobile Big Grin but i should try these others above right now.
I have always been a great fan of classic rock so I like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The who and many others. I also like some bands which are a bit more recent like Guns and Roses, Tesla, and so on. I would say I love rock and roll. When things don’t seem right to me I listen to this kind of music and things change immediately. So rock is very inspirational to me. Rock on!

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