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Beta Testers Needed. Thajax: replacement theme editor. (uses ajax)
I recently created Thajax which is a replacement theme editor, very similar to the original theme editor except that it does everything through ajax.

Before I put it up on the extend, I was hoping to get a little feedback from more experienced developers. I would hate to have someone use it and have it end up screwing up their site by not saving their template correctly.

Any help is appreciated. Maybe we could work something out link putting beta testers names in the credits with a link to your site if you help me out. (which would be hidden until someone clicks on credits).

Edit: Its now on extend - Let me know if you need any help with any of my plugins, or just help in general. I'll always help if i can.

Beware, Im just a drunken college student. I may throw up at any time.
Thanks! It works great.

Maybe you can make it compatible with the theme-highlighter plugin:

Or implement some of it's awesome features.

Maybe you can implement a way to make the screen wider so it's easier to edit some wide coded templates (so you don't need the horizontal scrollbar all the time. Making the vertical menu disappear helps.

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