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Hide future pages (scheduled publishing)
This plugin allows delayed/scheduled publishing of GetSimple pages with date set in the future (*).
Those pages:

- will not visible for the user if is not logged in (like private pages)
- will not be shown in search results (if I18N Search plugin is installed)
- will not be included in the Sitemap (GS 3.3.0 or later)

Download HideFuturePages 0.2:

Installation: uncompress and copy/upload the hidefuturepages.php file to your plugins folder. Activate it.

(*) To change a page date you can a) directly edit the xml file (in data/pages) or b) use the pubDateFix plugin.
Well indeed it does work, Carlos. Nifty little thing which'll help for delayed publishing of completed articles. Even works for the RSS feeds that the search plugin is tied to, so awesome job Smile

Are you going to combine the functionality of this plugin with that of pubDatefix? Because initially I was confused as to how this plugin worked until I realised that you needed to have already set the pubDate in the future (which would only be possible by the ways you mentioned in the article; it would just be a hassle without pubDatefix to be honest xD). I just think it would make things easier for users if the functionality of pubDatefix was integrated to this. Otherwise, it does as advertised Smile

Do you have a roadmap/wishlist for this plugin by any chance? Because I can easily see this becoming something refined and well developed to the point of being a staple like the News Manager plugin did.
Angryboy Wrote:Do you have a roadmap/wishlist for this plugin by any chance?
I'd like to start the wishlist. ;-)

As well as adding a vote to combine this with pubDateFix, would it be possible to add the option to hide a page after a given date, please? This would provide automatic expiry of a page.

Credit goes to mvlcek for the search and RSS support. I18N Search has a hook (search-veto) that lets developers easily do these kind of things without having to do patches.

Back to my small plugin:
- Sorry for the poor docs. Yes, it's not very useful (or easy to use) without pubDateFix. Actually it's like an addon/complementary plugin.
- There's no roadmap :-) I just needed this functionality and I am sharing it as is.
- I prefer not to combine the two plugins. I see pubDateFix as a temporary thing (until GS -or some other plugin- has a true post/publicaction date field). I just don't want pages changing their dates when they are edited (and I don't usually need the last updated date).

The only feature I think I would add is some way of letting set a future date if you don't (want to) use pubDateFix.

Also, there's an issue with the sitemap: future pages are included in sitemap.xml, so they could get indexed by SEs (maybe even if you disable automatic ping). As a temporary fix I made a plugin that simply erases the file, but it's not a clean solution...


I think I would leave that (interesting) page-expiry idea for a separate plugin...
Hide future pages version 0.2 - Download
  • Future pages are not included in the Sitemap
- this new feature works only with GS 3.3.0 or later
- it's not compatible with I18N base (as of 3.2.8) (unless you patch it to support the 'sitemap' filter)
- when the date of a future page has passed, it is not automatically included (but will be when the Sitemap is refreshed, e.g. if you update any page)

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