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Remove sitemap (GS 3.1)
Sorry for reviving an old thread.

One reason why one may not want an unfettered sitemap.xml is that it is readable by anyone, not just well-behaved search engines. An unsuspecting GetSimple noob admin may not be aware of this issue.

On my site I would consider it safer to NOT list in the sitemap.xml the following irrelevant pages
  • anything outside the index.php hierarchy
  • forms, whether or not in that hierarchy
  • 404 page, search page
  • maintenance/development pages (even though I make those only viewable for visitors with an admin login, it is awkward to have those page names exposed to everyone).
Is there a plugin that does that, or is there a filter function (e.g., based on a "_nositemap" tag) that I can apply to "sanitize" the sitemap.xml the way I want? (and how).
I am aware of the core filter "sitemap" mentioned on the plugins:hooks_filters wiki page, but, not being a plugin dev (at this point), don't see how I could use the feature e.g., in a component. This is really what I am asking for.

I understand plugin(s) already exist that allow the sitemap to be disabled altogether, but an intermediate solution with a filtered sitemap would be helpful.

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