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jQuery, worth learning?
Worth learning to add that extra vibe to my layouts?
What would you guys say.

Atm i'm just brushing on my skills of designing the layouts. I am on and off with illustrator also for logos. (But that will be a side).
I am then going to code the layouts i have designed up, to practice my XHTML and CSS.
Just one of my designs has a function where, you click the or a buttom. And text drops down, this can be done in jQuery right?
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XHTML & CSS are always skills that you should brush up on if you plan to make it on the internet. I am still learning, and I've been doing this stuff for over 6 years...

Almost anything can be done with jQuery. You either have to learn it or find a plugin that does it (there are tons out there)
- Chris
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Yeah, vibe as in that extra spice! Wink.

And yeah, i know there are many plugins for such like Dreamweaver. I use notepad and notepad++ though. Not too sure of a plugin for those. I don't use a WYSIWYG.

And yeah, of course many people keep learning, i have been doing it for about a year now and i'm still a beginner Tongue
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jQuery is definitely worth learning. You can do very basic enhancements to a website easily.
For example, the website that I wanted input on is using an ajax ability to fade a specific divs contents and replace it with another divs contents, all without reloading the page. Slideshows, hover advanced hover effects, form validation can all easily be done in jQuery.
Clients always want to be able to change the content of their pages, but they are unwilling to do so.

Have you ever coded in your underwear before?
^- Not in but WITH, its still javascript.
random stuff. idk.

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