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What about next GS Version... Feature requests by me
Hi all,
i wonder why there isnt any new beta for this great software. I highly appreciate all the work that has be done yet on the system. However in my opinion there are some features that should be integrated in the next version.

What i would like to see:
  • Autoresizing of images (i know there is a plugin for that, but i think that is really necessary in the core)
    I would like to see the images beeing auto resized to a "human" size (eg. 4000x3000 gets resized to 800x600)and then automatically a lightbox link to the bigger version of the image gets added.
    That would fit perfectly to your mission statement of having a cms that everyone can handle
  • Possibilty to switch between Wysiwyg and normal editor for the components
  • Link to Components to in Pagedialog
  • Responsive Version of Backend or mobileversion of Backend for using the smartphone for changing content

Thanks for this already awesome CMS

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What about next GS Version... Feature requests by me - by m1k3y - 2012-04-10, 03:58:09

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