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Embeddable forum scripts
I've been doing some searching for some easy-to-integrate forum scripts on the net, and these are two of the latest ones I've come across that seem to work well.

Both are easily integrated onto any existing site through an external javascript, so currently one can use DynPages to stick them onto any page that they want rather cleanly. has the added benefit of having no registration for posts, simply using a login from various other email/social networking sites, so that's pretty appealing for users. I've been testing them both now, and from a technical standpoint Nabble seems more reliable at the moment (sometimes the TalKi script fails to load). At the moment I'm just trying to find out how to customise their layouts with CSS, and seeing if there is a way I can perhaps integrate that visual customisation with GetSimple in the future.

Any thoughts about these scripts if anyone has used them?
I've also use Vanilla Forums:

-Rob A>

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