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how to use these plugins mp3 ultimate player & mp3 extended

Thanks to all for reply of my previous topics which i posted....

Can u pls tell me how to use the following plugins:
1. mp3 ultimate player
2. mp3 extended
3. dominion mp3 player

Is any mp3 plugin integrate with ckeditor like 'MediaEmbed','youtube embed'???
I searched in wiki on above plugins but i didnt get how to use... i extracted above in my plugins folder its status is activated...
Q: How to Place mp3 player inside of page contents in specific TAGS using ultimate mp3 player?
Q: How to Place mp3 flash player inside of page contents in specific TAGS?
Q: How to Add a Youtube Video on the page from the youtube video ID?

Pls explain how to use the above plugins or any demo sites are there using these plugins....

Thanking you.....
Sorry, i didnt observe the instruction after installed the plugins in plugin tab... i got my output thanks to all so much...

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