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Directly editting pages/...xml files
As a developer I often like to bypass the CMS feature of GetSimple and edit our site directly via a good text editor and FTP. The CMS features are great for those of our staff who don't know web development.

I don't think there is any good reason to be escaping all of the < and > characters within the <content> section of the page.xml files. It would make sense to escape them in a case where malformed HTML could interfere with the interpretation of XML. But all of the code is inside <![CDATA[ ]]> elements so it is already properly segregated. Would it not make sense to NOT escape it so that these files are more easily editted by hand for those expert users who are familiar with the technologies?

Why would I want to edit these by hand? For the simple reason that text editors have proper editting features way beyond what can be provided by an in-page editor. For our non-technical staff that is fine.

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