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.htacces rename

after installation I got the error message that the temp.htacces could not be changed into .htaccess

(htaccess konnte nicht im Hauptverzeichis angelegt werden. Bitte kopieren Sie temp.htaccess als .htaccess und ändern Sie **REPLACE** in /cms/
temp.gsconfig.php konnte nicht in gsconfig.php umbenannt werden! Benennen Sie bitte selbst um.)

Without changing the temp.access into .access everything is working fine.
However after I have renamed temp.htaccess into.htaccess it is no longer possible to enter the admin (error message: internal server error)

Thank you
Make sure that you set RewriteBase correctly in your .htaccess.

Otherwise it might be a problem with you hosting provider, see in the Wiki (e.g. has some problems)
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