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Installing on hosting

I am having problems geting GetSimple installed on my NearlyFreeSpeech hosting.

NearlyFreeSpeech implements PHP safe_mode which requires specific permissions for using php files to write files and folders. I have ironed out most of the errors it has given me, but I the installation script is still telling me to change the permissions of the data/ and backups/ folders. They are set to the correct group with the correct permissions.

Can anyone with hosting provide any direction. Thank you.

Justin Martin

GetSimple does not demand too much permissions and the permissions are well defined, also documentated in the WIKI

Why don't you contact the hoster's support and

installation requirements:
necessary modules:
and the file permissions are listed during the install process

I think your hoster's support knows the best if and how to install GS there.

At their website, they write:
"Examples of some of the most popular web apps that work with dynamic sites include Wordpress, Moveable Type, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, Coppermine, MediaWiki, Trac, and hundreds more."

So I don't see any reasons why GS should not work there, ask them. At they describe what kind of support they offer.

But please forgive me, I must say I never met such a strange hosting plan as theirs ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
i've installed with success with NFSN (great choice, btw), all you need is to ssh to your account and chown web:web /your/gs/root -R
i think you don't need to chown -r the root, but just some files, and then you can even restrict the permissions more. But if i revcall correct chowning -r the root solves everything (and open a few security glitches, additionally i don't like php being able to write and modify .php files, but this is a different issue. I wish i could chown everything to root and have gs still work /rant)

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