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News with image - plugins

there is a plugin that creates a short message from the web? For example. area news. Plug each create a short news report, including date and if that includes a new image, as well as a small preview picture. After clicking on the news shows a message including the image in original size. If the menu click on the news, so I get most of the list on one page all the news, which again is part of a preview image, including date and a short text news.
Try tidengine or GS blog.

edit: and of course i18n search if you have a bit more techie knowledge.
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yojoe Wrote:Try tidengine or GS blog.

Or I18N Special Pages and I18N Search for fully configurable news including full text search - but more complex to set up than above choices.
I18N, I18N Search, I18N Gallery, I18N Special Pages - essential plugins for multi-language sites.

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