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problem with the installation of themes
Good morning. I'm trying to install new themes on my website, but I do not appear in "select theme". I had already installed one, but will not let me install more. I want to install the theme bluebusiness. Can anyone help me?

I am not quite sure about your problem.

You cannot install more themes: not enough web-space or any erroremessages?

Well, a common problem is that the theme is not uploaded correctly.
Unpack the theme which comes as a ZIP when downloads
check whether there is a readme-file or information how to install at the theme repository, as I see there is some detailled information available for that theme

which other theme did you check to install?

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these are the themes which I copied into my cpanel of my server and I do not appear in my GS panel theme. In fact, I still see the themes that came by defecta, although I have deleted from the server

[Img = cpanel] [/ img]
[Img = themel] [/ img]
nobody can guarantee that a theme which is installed by any CPANEL will work
who knows whether the files are uploaded binary or not-binary?

please do install the themes as it is described in the WIKI:

this means you have to upload the unzipped theme by FTP (not via any CPANEL Interface.... whatever)

otherwise we cannot help you

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
please ensure there is at least one file in each of the theme folders called "template.php" as this is what is read in when building the themes list. If that file does not exist they have not been uploaded correctly.
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