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Installed new 3.1.2 ; admin available but do not display website

I removed my old 3.1 version to replace it by the 3.1.2 (with all i18n plugin and then I replaced the get_component and get_navigation by the get_i18n_component and get_i18n_navigation as required).
It worked great and all has been green when health check.
Admin page is available but when I use the View button on page admin manager or even if I use a new page with the root index URL it does not display the website.
I checked this page and followed all the instructions. Nothing changed the website do not display.

I verified and my first web page has well the URL (slug) set as index.

You must know I use a subdomain :

Then I discovered this but GS was already installed. I added the line "SetEnv PHP_VER 5" as first line of my only root website .htaccess.

Nothing changed the website still does not want to display the index page.

What is wrong since my last 3.1.2 installation ?
How could I solve this problem ?

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
By using i18n plugins I assume that you have mutlilanguage website.
But since there's not even a single char in website's source code, I think you used a php code with unclosed php brackets or a faulty code which prevents the website from being rendered
Enable debug in gsconfig and look if there are any errors.
Also disable all plugins to see if any of them doesn't cause errors.

Also make sure that website's url and .htaccess rewrite base rules are right.
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Why didn't you just install it over the old install ?
And turn debug mode on, surely theres a php error or a missing include if its a blank page.
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unbelievable I just deactivated i18n base and all the other (gallery, search and n) and it works...
I am really surprised because I renamed all the get_component to get_i18n_component and get_navigation to get_i18n_navigation on my website. If I am so surprised it is due to the fact I though that if I deactivate those i18n plugins I will also not able to display this website.

I checked my php files and they well have get_i18n_component then I can not understand how can they work if I well deactivated all the i18n plugins.

And then how could I have those i18n plugins working if they stop my website to be displayed ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)

I am not sure but it could come frome the default language. Iread back the I18N plugin :
and I read the default language must be changed...
But as my default settings are en_US and the default language (set in the i18n_base.php) is set to 'en' I presume it is correct. But all my file names does not have a prefix or suffix concerning the language.

Does it come from there ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
I did not found how to enable the debug mode in the admin pages.

Where is it ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
or in gsconfig.php
#define('GSDEBUG', TRUE);

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