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A forum plugin, does it exist?
I wish to start a website and forum, with what are known as "dorothy dixers" since I don't expect anyone to care at this point in time.

Is it a good idea to have multiple installs due to the extremely lightweight and flexible nature of the GetSimple CMS?
rectitude Wrote:with what are known as "dorothy dixers"

can you please explain what that means?

Maybe I am too stupid or too european to understand ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Hi Connie,

Connie Wrote:Maybe I am too stupid or too european to understand ;=)

Cannot be too stupid to be involved with GetSimple!

A "dixer" as it's known down under is where a question is asked by oneself to another using media resources or otherwise forum, where the answer is already a known quantity however as opposed to more generalized "trolling" a dixer can be used to provide an explanation to questions that may be on the minds of many but which are not readily asked.
your phrases are too long for my continental english ;=)

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
I think "Dorothy Dixers" (questions that have a prepared answer, "canned questions") in this case are referring to something along the lines of an FAQ I gather. There are a couple of plugins for GetSimple that can be used to manage FAQs however I'm not sure which is the best of the two.
Modern UI Admin for GetSimple
Watch the demo. Install this plugin. Use this CSS. Enjoy.

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