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A challenge to my favorite CMS community, digital asset management.
Ok so here's the thing, I LOVE GetSimple, it's easily my favorite CMS and I've had the pleasure of using concrete5, I work in a medium sized company and one of my tasks is managing the image library, it's a mess.... some of it my fault.

So I thought, lets sort it out! And DAM seems to be the way, now I'm looking at a range of options, and knowing that there's no way work will pay for it, and I don't get a huge wage, I figured open source was the way forward.

But. Loving GetSimple as I do I thought I'd check the forums here, to no avail. So here's the question/challenge (I'm an assistant web designer so my developer skills are lacking) is it possible to get GSCMS to do this? Can it be done, and should it be done?

I'd use it. That much I know.
I really do not get what you want to know?

What is your exact question?

Cheers, Connie

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Um maybe you should clarify what your looking for and dispense with the backstory.

What is a DAM ?

Do what ? You didn't say anything?
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Welcome to GS ... The greatest cms there is Smile ...

DAM has a lot of categories :

Basically even thou your questions is lacking information I can answer it by saying ' YES ' .

Getsimple isn't "IRON MAN" technology .. It's just a simple light weight cms system that eliminates the need of using standard databases like SQL ...
And that has a lot of advantages...

basicly with right programing you can do anything with it.
I still don't get what you want to tell us

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
You could use I18N Special Pages and I18N Search to manage your assets, add meta information (using special fields) and index content and fields for use with search.

But as GS this is designed to work with a few items (each asset is a GS page) and I doubt you will be happy with more than a few hundred pages/assets (performance, keeping the overview - although using I18N's page management should help).

Another plugin with similar functionality (but no search, as far as I know), which does not use pages for items/assets, is Items Manager.
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This is not nore will be a feature of the core. One could possibly write a plugin up handle what your wanting todo but that's up to the developers.

I would recommend finding an open source dam solution not trying to get gone developed.
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