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Canonical Tag
It seems the Canonical tag returned when using the get_header() function can pose problems for the search engines:

Read this guys post:
Quote:... more worrying is that the canonical tag is present on every page, and lists the main blog url
This is not coded in the templates, so I guess it is being called by the GS header function

Each page needs to have its own meta title, and the canonical tag needs to somehow be removed or corrected.
If we can't do this, then the blog posts will run into real problems trying to rank on search engines.
For anyone unsure of the purpose of the canonical tag, it's purpose is to tell the search engines that the page should be seen as that URL, and not the one it is actually viewing, in other words, it is similar to saying 'please ignore this page and instead index the home page' ... which is not what we want to happen.
It looks to match the page to me.
Is this when canonical is defined in gsconfig ?

to omit canonical link and meta generator tags
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Aren't canonical redirects disabled by default in gsconfig.php?

# Enable Canonical Redirects?
#define('GSCANONICAL', 1);
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