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Version change log (minor sugestion)
When I go to, I see a list with version changes per version.

It would be nice if there were certain categories, or colour in the text, so I can easyer see what updates are security updates, bug fixes or added functionality.

It's not allways nececary to update when desired function is already present. This gives the user the option to only update to fix high priority bugs and security bugs.
I second that some tweaking should be made. Maybe we should simply bold the important aspects?
I already have a feature request to add priority updates to the auto update indications.
This way health check will offer an update is available or an update is critical.

Your also free to check the SVN for issues and commits. Its all there. Hopefully when we move to github it will be more clearer and tagged, google code sucks.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Google code is cr** since they removed the overview page which allowed you to see any issue/code updates easily.

There is a hack here:

Which gives a general update of whats been happening.

Another vote for a move to Github for me, far superior...
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But we have a Changelog here:
Yeah and it has to be manually maintained by someone every release.

The changelog could be generated by all developers if we had a better svn.
In the mean time we should use the wiki when we do bugfixes and implement new features.

Of course we don't know what version things will be released in.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I'd be happy to manually update the changelog for every version, if I get access, (I currently don't have access to that).

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