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few suggestions

i have looked for some open source projects that could be integrated with CKEditor as its file manager and here is my choice :

1. KFM - Kae's File Manager: (i perfer this one!)
2. eXtplorer (based on ExtJS Javascript library):
3. MooTools FileManager (based on Mootools Javascript Library) :

instead of CKEditor (i think it's the best choice!), we could manage to use (maybe as plugins?) those editors :

- NicEdit:
- markIrUp!:
- openwysiwyg:

Also a nice function that could be used : PHP hide_email() :

What do you think if we integrate HTML Purifier?

Sharing is human real nature...
I like some of these... i will keep them in mind. I wad already thinking of a couple... but as plugins instead of core code
- Chris
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