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change uploaded file name
There's something catchy in managing uploads. Long time ago I would swear files can be renamed in uploads management tab. I completely forgot about that core function of CMS-es, as I personally rarely use builtin' upload systems.
But right now I am wondering where's that (not so) obvious "change file's name" button ? Smile
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I don't remember there was a function like that, but maybe I'm wrong.

I think that the filemanager is lacking basic features for some time.. I remember there was a point in the roadmap before about improving basic functions from the file manager (editing folders/file names, deleting multiple files, deleting folders with files in them, moving/copying files from folder to folder). Don't see why this basic functionality isn't added to the roadmap.

I also couldn't find a plugin for it (and maybe with file tagging/categorising).
Time ago there was a KCfinder plugin for GS 2.x
It would be nice that Mike or someone else could make a new version for GS 3.1.x ... Even without CKeditor integration, only as an advanced file manager, would be quite useful...
New version of KCFinder plugin released
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