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$plugin_info issue (SOLVED)
For a custom plugin I have, I have a file in the plugins folder (eg: plugins/plugin_folder/file.php).
I need this file to be able to provide some plain json to some components.
Now, in order to use my classes and functions from the plugin itself I am including the common.php for the file, which then includes the common.php file for the cms if it is not yet loaded.

This has already worked perfect for me until I needed to access the $plugin_info global.
It is empty, the plugins are not being registered. I am just wondering how I can get them to register in this case.

Problem Solved
Easy enough fix, right before including the admin/inc/common.php file I put:

$load['plugin'] = true;
8), was just hunting that down for you.....
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Yeah the source is littered with that, I never figured out what its purpose was.
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