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Wherefore the .DS_Store-file and __MACOSX-folder-stuff are
some templates are coming with data like mentioned above.
Are they important or just forgotten to delete by the Mac-Developer? #|
I can´t see an effect, when I delete them.

I would like to know, where I´m dealing with,
because I can´t see the code ...
Does they bring any benefit for Mac-User?

at least, there is one Web and no special Mac-Web


f.e. the template

best, Bell.
Yep, its all just Mac stuff. Used for indexing the drive for spotlight or journaled file system. You'll be more than fine to delete those.
Belletage Wrote:at least, there is one Web and no special Mac-Web

you are right, these are some unnecessary files for the rest of the world, which could be deleted in the ZIPs by the MAC-users, but most of these users aren't aware of that. This even happens with download-files from well known and reputated web-pages

it just bloats the size of the ZIP, so delete them ;=)

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Yes they can be deleted. It's just Apple's file-indexing stuff.
Tell the plugin author, they left it in.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
thank you all, I´ll do so.
maybe its secret Apple-promoting, because they was been so expensive
best, Bell.

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