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GetSimple Update!
Dear forum / site users,

You may have noticed over the past couple weeks we have been making some changes around here. Such as a generous donation by our new hosting sponsor and team member (Shovenose).

With these changes we have had some downtime, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Our goal is to provide resources to all of our supporters and developers to use in an effort to share themes, plugins, and language packs while also providing support via our forum and documentation via our wiki.

In an order to provide these resources to all of our users we are required to maintain these systems and install updates and even upgrades.

Recently most of you have probably noticed the upgrade in our forum software. This has caused a couple hours of downtime for the forum and continues to provide downtime for our extend system. However we are working hard to return all of our systems to a live state.

Some may ask why we have chosen to upgrade to myBB. The answer is, it was time. We have been struggling with punBB for several years now with all of its flaws and lack of support. With the upgrade we have added several desired features and improvised moderation ability.

With that, please be patient with us as we continue to finalize the integration of myBB into our current site. We understand it looks and functions differently but I trust we can accommodate to the change and continue to grow our striving community.

If you notice any major problems please email with any details.

Thank you for your understanding,
Matthew Phillips and the GetSimple team.
JWH Technologies
Have any marketing ideas for Get-Simple? Let me hear them!
Almost everything is working now, thank you for everybody's patience and I'm glad we were able to fix all issues and improve the quality of our website!

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