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sharing one installation with subdomains

Another question: Is it possible to have different

targeting the same "xml database file". lets say I have a portfoliopage and a specific Layout - - but now I would like to have - but with the same portfolio details from the main xml file.

For instance I want to have a serioud website on the one hand, but also a fun website on the other - kind of a themechanger...


If you have access to shell on your hosting account, you can try with creating symlinks to files or whole directories. There's also mod_proxy for apache webserver, if you are familiar with htaccess and rewrite rules.
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Interesting concept, I could see this also being useful for mobile and desktop versions of sites.
I agree that symlinks would work if you used a VPS or Dedicated Server, with shared hosting it would not be possible probably.
I have shared hosting and can create symblinks just fine.
Depends on your host.
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I believe in the past we had a plugin that could acomplish this..

I haven't seen it around lately so I am not sure if it would still be supported.
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(2012-11-26, 08:44:04)shawn_a Wrote: I have shared hosting and can create symblinks just fine.
Depends on your host.

Hmm... to be honest I've never done it, just assumed it couldn't be done.
You could always use a cPanel redirect Smile
Wouldn't you just alias the subdomains to the same install and use the hostname to serve a different stylesheet?
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