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News Manager (updated)
Amazing News!
Well maybe we should test it
to find some bug in that RewriteRule

(2014-04-11, 06:13:49)Carlos Wrote: I've added a custom setting to enable prev/next pagination on tag pages, just like in the main news page. It's already in the dev version and will be available in the next beta.

There are two flavours: one that appends &page=N to the URL, and another that does it like /page/N.

The first one (default/dynamic) works without changes, both with and without fancy urls enabled.

However for the second one (fancy/folder-style) it is necessary to add a new rewriterule in the .htaccess file. I don't know much about this, but after playing a bit this seems to work (example for slug news):

RewriteRule ^news/tag/([^/.]+)/page/([^/.]+)/?$ index.php?id=news&tag=$1&page=$2 [L]

Can anyone tell me if this is correct, or should I change something? Thanks.
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On the local I'm testing NM beta with Addon, news code -- if nm_show_tag ('de'); else nm_show_tag ('en');--

I can't save maximum pages "Number of posts on News Page:" and nm_set_custom_maxposts not responding also.
and then how to do pagination?
nm_set_custom_maxposts is intended for use with the other NM Addons functions, like nm_custom_display_recent, etc. It doesn't work with NM's internal function nm_show_tag, that simply displays all posts with the given tag.

As for your if ... code, I suppose it's some kind of pseudocode - I think it wouldn't work like that, looks like it's not complete, it's missing some conditional, etc.

Pagination on tag pages will be available in next beta. If you or anyone wants to test it now, download the zip for the current development version:
(To use this option, enable Custom Settings and enter tagpagination d).

But note that this will not work with the if ... nm_show_tag... trick - I'm using a new function for tag pages pagination, nm_show_tag_page (that shows the prev/next links)

Anyway: I'm not sure what you want to accomplish. If it's just showing the latest n posts in a certain page, with no pagination, you can do with NM Addons, by using nm_custom_display_recent (that allows filtering by tag). If so, I can give you an example.
I'm trying to make the page of last projects for multilanguage site using code -- if nm_show_tag.
With development version maxposts and pagination works (nm_show_tag_page)... on the 1st page shows 3 posts (as Set) but on the 2nd page all posts are shown. How to create to continue pagination and set 3 posts for all pages.
Enable Custom settings and enter:
tagpagination d
in the input box below.
It works as I wanted...
Many thanks for the help
News Manager 2.5 beta 18 attached to this post. (alternative download)
[note for Dutch users: there's a bug in the nl_NL language file, see here]


- new conditional function nm_post_has_tag: checks if single post has any tag or a certain tag

- conditional function nm_is_tag() now can be passed a parameter to check if it's a certain tag's page, not
only if it's a tag page.

- custom date format for sidebar archives: redefinable strings MONTHLY_FORMAT, YEARLY_FORMAT (either in custom settings or in gsconfig) using the strftime format

- newspage dropdown selector: index now displayed on top in the list; and you can have no news page selected (that is, disabled)

- new custom setting tagpagination to enable tag page pagination like in the main news page. Can be enabled with tagpagination d (default, dynamic) or tagpagination f (fancy or folder-style, requires adding a rewriterule in .htaccess)

- ... and some fixes

I've added a new string to the language files:
"NO_PAGE_SELECTED"    =>  "No page selected",
It is displayed under the newspage selector in settings when no page is selected.
Translations for this would be appreciated.

I've also added these two that use the strftime format:
"MONTHLY_FORMAT"      =>  "%B %Y",
"YEARLY_FORMAT"       =>  "%Y"
They are used for the sidebar archives. If someone thinks any of these (the first one, I suppose) is not correct for some language, please tell me.

More info:
- Documentation (draft) for new features etc:
- Previous betas:

As always, feedback is much appreciated.

PS I'm probably going to bump the version from 2.5 up to 3.0

[attachment removed: (Size: 73.82 KB / Downloads: 14) ]
Thank you for that. I hope to update my website during the weekend. Not sure, though, and I still don't use tags so I won't be able to test anything with them.

As for "No page selected", it's "Nebyla vybrána žádná stránka" in Czech. Thanks for adding it Smile
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» The little I did for GetSimple
Amazing work, Carlos. Just for a change!!
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
Hi, great work!

I'm having an issue though. My website is in dutch, but when I put the plugin-language on dutch, the entire website does not load anymore. If I download the NL language file for GS3.2 (I am on 3.3.1 but there wasnt a newer one) and set it in the settings, even the admin page doesn't work anymore. (i had to disable the news plugin in the plugins.xml to get it to work again).

Any ideas on how to change this? I would like to have "Read more" in dutch. (at this point I might as well change that in the plugin language file..)

There were some errors (missing commas) in the Dutch language file in the beta version.
I've just fixed this. Download this updated nl_NL.php file and upload/copy it to your news_manager/lang folder.
Cheers man, that worked like a charm!

(at first, I downloaded the version from the getsimple website, that had the same error as the beta here.. Just saying, great job though!)
This lang file was broken since NM 2.4.0. My fault - the translator sent me some new strings and I didn't insert them properly.
I'll upload a patched version to Extend soon.
Thanks for reporting.
News Manager (updated) available in Extend

- Added Italian language (thanks @GPB61)
- Fixed broken (by me) Dutch language (@thyrif)

If you're using 2.4.4 you don't need to upgrade. If you're using the beta ignore this.
News Manager (updated) 2.4.5 available in Extend.
This is just another maintenance release - no new features since 2.4.4.

It has several fixes that had already been applied to the extended beta version.

- UI fixes and enhancements (in settings page; some of these contributed by @emanwebdev)
- fixed support for jquery cdn fallback to local (GS 3.2.2+)
- slightly improved excerpt generation: fixed length issues with unicode characters, whitespace... (thanks @emanwebdev for his suggestions)
- fixed issues with just-installed sites that haven't been configured.
- fixed newspage dropdown selector (settings): sort alphabetically; private pages can also be selected
- removed gap in search form (@D.O.)
- ...and several other small fixes
[related GitHub issues 97, 119, 125, 126, 127, 128, 130, 135, 142, 146]

If you're using the beta version, do not downgrade to this one.
Just for a change, Great Work, Carlos!
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
News Manager 3.0 beta 19 available. Download - Info

Changes since beta 18:

- bumped plugin version (from 2.5) up to 3.0 (sorry for the confusion - I should have done this way earlier)

- new custom setting breakwords allows to re-enable cutting off the last word in excerpts (like it was in versions 2.4.x and older), if you prefer it this way. Usage: enter this in Custom settings
breakwords 1

- new custom setting template allows to select a different template file, overriding the one defined in the news page. For example if you want to use temp-post.php for your full posts, enter this in Custom settings:
single template temp-post.php

- post image thumbnails are no longer stored as i18npic.*, but instead as nmimage.*
(If you're already using a beta version, you may want to delete your image cache i18npic.* files in the data/thumbs folder, they will be re-created.)

- completed and fixed most translations

- several small fixes
Oh No... lol... Now I have to test it too :-P
My website made with GetSimple CMS is

Arte & Società

An indipendent website about Italian Contemporary Visual Arts
Carlos, great plugin, works without errors, have all the necessary functions and even more.
I somehow can not do to the author's name was taken up not from the Username field but field of Display Name.
Thanks for the feedback, Oleg. Much appreciated.

Right now there's no easy way for a plugin to obtain an user's display name - this requires reading every user xml file, and I want to minimize file loads. The display name field will be supported when GS has some function to get it.

For now, here's a workaround - with yet another small complementary plugin:
(I may implement what this plugin does in NM anyway - but later, not in this version)
thank you, it's better than nothing
Is there a way to change the full post url to not include the parent page?

For example, I want the list of newsmanager pages to be on, but for the full page I need the url to be

I cannot use index (homepage) because I need to have other content for the homepage and do not want to show the listing.

I am using the 3.0 beta. Thanks for any help.
can not show image in the sidebar announcement.
everything else is working as it should.
<?php nm_set_custom_image(100, 100); ?>
<?php nm_custom_display_recent('
   <div class="my_recent_post">
      <h4><a href="{{ post_link }}">{{ post_title }}</a></h4>
      <div class="my_image">{{ post_image }}</div>
      <span class="my_excerpt">{{ post_excerpt }}</span>
'); ?>
<?php nm_search(); ?>
<?php nm_list_recent(); ?>
<?php nm_list_archives(); ?>
<?php nm_tag_list(); ?>
<?php nm_list_tags(); ?>
<?php if (nm_post_has_image()) { ?><img src="<?php nm_post_image_url(); ?>" /><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_search()) { ?><p>Страница поиска</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_single()) { ?><p>Полная страница</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_site()) { ?><p>Страница новостей</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_main()) { ?><p>Главная страница новостей</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_home()) { ?><p>Главная страница</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_archive()) { ?><p>Страница архива</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_tag()) { ?><p>Страница тегов</p><?php } ?>
<?php if (nm_is_tag('первый тег')) { ?><p>Страница первого тега</p><?php } ?>
(2014-04-30, 07:36:24)Oleg06 Wrote: can not show image in the sidebar announcement.

Works for me,
Are you using the latest version of the NM Addons plugin?
Or maybe you are using external images? (not in /data/uploads or /data/thumbs)
(2014-04-30, 07:12:31)mengi Wrote: I want the list of newsmanager pages to be on, but for the full page I need the url to be
I am using the 3.0 beta. Thanks for any help.

Not possible with the current version. But...

Unzip attached file and replace news_manager/inc/functions.php

Add this to the end of News Manager's rewriterules block in your .htaccess:
RewriteRule ^news/([^/.]+)/?$ index.php?id=news&post=$1 [L]

Insert this in your gsconfig.php:

...and let me know if it works for you.

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