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News Manager (updated)
I intend to add support for full custom post rendering in NM 3.7. With this, you will be able to define the post layout in template files or GS components, using HTML and some PHP functions.

A simple example:

<div class="myPost">
    <h3><?php nm_render_title(); ?></h3>
    <i><?php nm_render_date(); ?></i>
    <p>Tags: <?php nm_render_tags(); ?></p>
    <?php nm_render_content(); ?>

I have it more-or-less ready, though I haven't committed these changes to GitHub yet.
I will do and post a beta version here, after I've done some tests. Anyway if anyone is interested in testing this soon, let me know.
I'm ready Smile
Me too :-)
Thank you both for your interest. I'm preparing some draft docs so that you know what you can play with. I'll release a first beta shortly.
Excited about the new features. Well done Carlos
I look forward to custom rendering, just what I have wanted. Thanks for all your good work to date.
NM 3.7 beta
If you test it, please report, ask, etc. in that thread.
Hi, Carlos, I've been testing your plugin on version 3.3.13 and 3.4, everything is cool, the templates just work great, I'd have to make a template for the paginator Smile
the author of the post can not see
Thanks for testing NM with GS 3.4 alpha.
Of course I've also done some tests myself. Everything works, though there are some small issues. I'll fix them.


Post authors are available since NM 3.0, but are disabled by default.
To enable storing usernames in post files you have to add this to your gsconfig.php:
define('NMSAVEAUTHOR', true);

To display authors in your site, use custom setting showAuthor 1,
and/or defaultAuthor "My Name" (for posts that have no author, that is, those that were created before enabling NMSAVEAUTHOR)

I know it's not very intuitive - I might add some normal setting for all this in some next version. I haven't done it yet because I might restructure NM settings but haven't decided how.
Thank you, Carlos, everything works.

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