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News Manager (updated)
finally i rather use a slug of my choice and just clone, without news manager.
it is just fine.
I haven't been able to get a sitemap from News Manager. 
Does anybody know how to make it work?

I even installed News Manager 3.7 beta version, have tried all the versions I could get and none of them seems to trigger the sitemap generation.
My news written with news manager 3.6 are not added to sitemap.xml. Why not? Where can i start to look for the reason?

Do you also have the I18N plugin?
(2020-10-08, 05:58:59)Carlos Wrote: Do you also have the I18N plugin?

That plugin works in a way that doesn't let News Manager insert its posts in the Sitemap.
A possible patch here:
(2020-10-09, 05:25:40)Carlos Wrote: That plugin works in a way that doesn't let News Manager insert its posts in the Sitemap.
A possible patch here:

THX for the hint.
Hi Carlos,

some days ago I found a problem with my sitemap.xml:

Now I remembered these things you recommended to bring newsmanager posts into the sitemap:

This works fine now, but perhaps there is a context with my new problem: not actualizing the lastmod date.
Perhaps you can help me with the sitemap problem? I cannot remember if there always was a problem with the lastmod date, in normal pages and news manager pages.

My plugin versions are (the newest, I suppose)
I18N Base an I18N: Version 3.3.1
News Manager (updated): Version 3.6

News Manager Addons: Version 0.9.5

Changes in normal pages result in a new lastmod date, when I delete the sitemap file and create a new one.
Changes in news manager post pages do not.

Thank you very much.

lastmod is not currently supported in News Manager posts. Still in the to-do list (#43)
OK thats a good reason for no lastmod in news manager pages.

Do you have an idea what could be the reason for my problem with normal pages? Why I have to delete sitemap file to get the lastmod date updated?

Thank you,

Hi and thanks for this amazing plugin Smile

I have 2 little problems:

1) Site has 2 blogs. I use news manager clones. I also use Grid Me BS4 plugin. For some reason grid me bs4 editor styles won't work on news manager editor. Any ideas where I could change styles for news manager editor?

2) Since I have 2 blogs, the non-clone version of news manager works fine with Responsive file manager. Clone doesn't. Is there some place I could activate it for clone also?

Then one thing: Can I create clone from news manager myself somehow?

Thanks Smile

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