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Installed CMS but now can't access to ADMIN
I set up a beta site on my server with this and it worked 100% for site and admin then when I switched it over to different server there were issues and now I can not access the admin but the install looks to be all set. I have looked around and could really use some feedback to resolve. The username and password just doesn't allow for access and when I did get in the first time the admin was displaying incorrectly. Thanks

On latest CMS Version 3.1.2
Host is
I've contact them and no luck. They updated to FastCGI recently but that didn't fix it.
Turn debug on in config.
Looks for errors.

Does your login not say failed but redirect loop back to login ?
If so then clear your cookie.

That will fix it.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Looks like it was a plugin issue. The "User Management" plugin had to be updated. It's all working well now.


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