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I8N Integration question
I have been looking at I8N alot over the past couple days and I am trying to figure out how to accomplish a series of tasks using it so I can get rid of some of the dead weight plugins.

Im focusing mostly on building a decent blog style system using Special Pages but it seems like the details of doing it are somewhat vague so I want to explain what I am trying to achieve and see if any of you have done anything similar.

Im not trying to compare Apples to oranges or anything like that but it is the best way I can describe this.

If your not familiar with the sNews CMS, essentially it has the front end features im trying to squeeze from GS by using I8N, mostly because it would search everything including blog in one swoop

So what I want to do is setup the blog using i8n, get it to be searchable through the site search, enable category's, a dated archive, list recently posted articles and integrate it with a sitemap tree for SEO.

Im also needing everything to be in pretty URL fashion and have everything regardless of how deep be displayed in Breadcrumb format.

I am trying to duplicate how sNews displays content because the way it handles everything is highly loved by Search Engines and it does it in such a simple way that I know there has to be some way to Run that I8N plugin set and get it to at least work in a similar fashion.

So I know this is a lengthy post but if anyone has any experience doing something similar id greatly appreciate the input.
Take a look at Angryboy's blog.
His site seems to be offline, but you can read a tutorial here:
btw. special pages have some builtin' templates, with a blog type.
Addons: blue business theme, Online Visitors, Notepad

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