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Crowdsourcing language translations
From my own experience with app translation, there are always problems with technical phrases.
Most of one-time traductors tend to open a translation file, and translate the phrases/words literally.
This might look funny after launchning translated file in an app, but for real it becomes a tragedy for a normal user.
Example in latest phpmyadmin, where deleting a record, opens up an alert with something like: "you are going to DESTROY DATABASE". For the first time i was like "WTF!?"

Some folks adjust phrases during translation to language specific words, and sentences, as some of them are just not being commonly used, or are recondite for a non-techie people. And then a new guy comes right in the middle of adjustments, and screws everything because he knows what's better.
That's why I'm somewhat against translations of some apps by a group of people as long, as the main/first traductor is active and maintains translation up to date.

From the other hand, I could wonder a bit if all this mess with crowdtranslation is needed, if nobody even started to fork translation files, nor brought up a problem like "this/that word/sentence should sound different" / "I don't understand the meaning of" etc. in respective language
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