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No WYSIWYG editor
Hi all,

Since i changed the name of my PHP template files ( --> inc.footer.php, fullPage --> pageFull.php, etc.), I can't see any more my wysiwig editor in "pages" section. As if I had disabled it (which was not the case), pages are in pure HTML code and there are no format buttons. I really don't understand the causal link but here it is...

I've read but it didn't help . I mean : i deletd the .htaccess file in CKeditor folder but nothing happened. The debug mode says everything is fine except /data/other/blog_rss.xml XML Invalid - Erreur!

Do you have any idea please ?

Thanks a lot !


PS : important finding ! The GS site i'm developping is located in a /dev folder of another (old) GS website. I've connected into the admin panel of the old GS site and the same bug appears !

PS : I've tried to modify another site, hosted by the same company (but with a different account). Same bug again.
Sounds like a javascript error being generated somewhere.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
(2013-01-20, 02:16:37)shawn_a Wrote: Sounds like a javascript error being generated somewhere.

Could it be a javascript error caused by my server host ?

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