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"index" page shows only a file directory list instead of the "index" page content
I have a successful installation. I can create new pages and they show up as they should. The only thing that does not work is the special "index" page itself.

When I call this page from the admin/pages.php via "#" or when I type the site URL in the browser, I get a simple file list of the GetSimpleCMS root directory.

When I call the index.php in the site root directory directly it shows the "index" page correctly.

A workaround is to insert a new index.html file with a redirect to the index.php.

But there certainly has to be a reason why the standard example in the installation does not work for me.

My installation:
- Windows 7 (yeah I know, its supposed to be UNIX...)
- Apache 2.2
- PHP 5.2.17
- I installed GetSimpleCMS in a subdirectory of the Apache Webserver root. So it is not directly located at the root of the Webserver (htdocs\GetSimpleTest\... (here is the installation)).
index.php might not be set as a index in your apache config.
check your apache config for
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Yeah that must be the problem. I have not done this for Apache, only included the PHPxxx.dll destination. I will take a look at that (I am kind of a newbie in running Apache).

Thanks a lot!!!

Yeah. It works now. Again, thank you for the quick reply!!!
you should just use xamp or easyphp or something if you are just testing on windows.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I'll keep these two in my mind. I have quite some programming experience with Java, Smalltalk, but not so much with web programming (Apache configuration, logging, ...). I see how far I can go with just plain Apache/PHP/GetSimpleCMS, but if I run into problems and need better debugging options, I take a look at these two you recommended.
Well they make installing it all easy as pie, and mysql. Its all one click installed and configured.
And you can run it portable.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
some short info:

there is a directive for .htaccess-file to define what to do when the URL loads a directory but no file:

if that is the case, all files of that directory will be presented as a list.
To prevent his, add this directive to your .htacces-file:

Options All -Indexes

if you have more than one index-file, you can define which of these should be the default index-file if the URL loads a directory but not a file:

for example:

DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html

defines that if index.php exists it should be loaded in case the URL contains no file-name prior to other index-files.

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