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I've got my angry hat on!
So ok, I'm Googleing for weeks and weeks to find a perfect CMS and shopping cart which doesn't use MySQL. Luckily, I found the perfect CMS - GetSimple of course. Now I just needed a shopping cart, so after searching for several days and weeks, I finally gave up and started to research Opencart, Wordpress etc.

Yesterday however, after Googleing around I found a cms and shopping cart called Quick.Cart and Quick.CMS. I wasn't to bothered with the CMS part as I will be using GetSimple. I downloaded and placed the Quick.Cart on a localhost and found it really basic but they have plugins which would really help.

After looking at there website, I found there do a paid version. Now that really made me angry because of all the reviews I found about this, they all said "Oh yeah, its totally free and amazing". Well, its not really free is it.
You can focused to have a link in the footer to there website and other things so why not just give us all the features for free.

So after being very annoying, I had to resort back to Opencart.
Wanting a cms and shopping cart within 1 tool is hard to find and GetSimple just doesn't give me what I want. However, there is no other tool which is easy to integrate with websites.

So, where do I stand?

I can either have 2 login's for a cms (GetSimple) and a shopping cart login (Opencart) or totally scrap the idea of GetSimple and learn how Wordpress works with the wp-ecommerce plugin.

Moral of the story is - Use GetSimple for a awesome CMS website but for e-commerce, well..... i'm working on that.
simpleCart(js) requires using jQuery, Prototype, or Mootools. No extra configuration is needed as long as one of them is included on the page
Multiple Payment Gateways
The simpleCart(js) free core comes with the ability to checkout with paypal express, google checkout, and amazon payments.

i have not set this up ...yet, but it look like the best GetSimple solution.
The only big issue about that product is that there is no admin panel for, lets say customers.
Use Magento, It`s a bit tricky at first! But by far the best all in one cms / ecommerse platform. It`s free too.
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Congratulation for your success. But i think i real programmer just get the idea from net and make his own work according to his mind set.
I have used Magento and honestly, I have never known such of a bulky platform in all of my days. The platform is great, probably one of the best around but to me, it feels and looks very... I dont know what word to put it as really!

I wish I could just have time to just learn PHP and actually create a cms / cart software which in my eyes, is user friendly, light, quick (just like GetSimple).

It seems that a free, user-friendly XML cart with admin panel is just not possible and ideally, yes I should go and get my butt in gear and learn PHP and start building one.

But hey ho, I'll just have to stick with Opencart at the moment.
I suggest you to use Magento for starting it takes your time but after setting it up everything will be according to your requirements.

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