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CKEditor new releases...have to update!

It seems that there is two new releases for CKEditor : 3.1.1 (fixes many bugs) and 3.2 (include fixes from 3.1.1 and more, like a better accessibility).
so maybe GS will have to update to one of them.

Quote:CKEditor 3.2

New features:

Several accessibility enhancements:
#4502 : The editor accessibility is now totally based on WAI-ARIA.
#5015 : Adding accessibility help dialog plugin.
#5014 : Keyboard navigation compliance with screen reader suggested keys.
#4595 : Better accessibility in the Templates dialog.
#3389 : Esc/Arrow Key now works for closing sub menu.
#4973 : The Style field in the Div Container dialog is now loading the styles defined in the default styleset used by the Styles toolbar combo.

Fixed issues:

#5049 : Form Field list command in JAWS incorrectly lists extra fields.
#5008 : Lock/Unlock ratio buttons in the Image dialog was poorly designed in High Contrast mode.
#3980 : All labels in dialogs now use <label> instead of <div>.
#5213 : Reorganization of some entries in the language files to make it more consistent.
#5199 : In IE, single row toolbars didn't have the bottom padding.

Quote:CKEditor 3.1.1

New features:

#4399 : Improved support for external file browsers by allowing executing a callback function.
#4612 : The text of links is now updated if it matches the URL to which it points to.
#4936 : New localization support for the Welsh language.

Fixed issues:

#4272 : Kama skin toolbar was broken in IE+Quirks+RTL.
#4987 : Changed the url which is called by the Browser Server button in the Link tab of Image Properties dialog.
#5030 : The CKEDITOR.timestamp wasn't been appended to the skin.js file.
#4993 : Removed the float style from images when the user selects 'not set' for alignment.
#4944 : Fixed a bug where nested list structures with inconsequent levels were not being pasted correctly from MS Word.
#4637 : Table cells' 'nowrap' attribute was not being loaded by the cell property dialog. Thanks to pomu0325.
#4724 : Using the mouse to insert a link in IE might create incorrect results.
#4640 : Small optimizations for the fileBrowser plugin.
#4583 : The "Target Frame Name" field is now visible when target is set to 'frame' only.
#4863 : Fixing iframedialog's height doesn't stretch to 100% (except IE Quirks).
#4964 : The BACKSPACE key positioning was not correct in some cases with Firefox.
#4980 : Setting border, vspace and hspace of images to zero was not working.
#4773 : The fileBrowser plugin was overwriting onClick functions eventually defined on fileButton elements.
#4731 : The clipboard plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.
#5051 : The about plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.
#5146 : The wsc plugin was missing a reference to the dialog plugin.
#4632 : The print command will now properly break on the insertion point of page break for printing.
#4862 : The English (United Kingdom) language file has been renamed to en-gb.js.
#4618 : Selecting an emoticon or the lock and reset buttons in the image dialog fired the onBeforeUnload event in IE.
#4678 : It was not possible to set tables' width to empty value.
#5012 : Fixed dependency issues with the menu plugin.
#5040 : The editor will not properly ignore font related settings that have extra item separators (semi-colons).
#4046 : Justify should respect config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR.
#4622 : Inserting tables multiple times was corrupting the undo system.
#4647 : [IE] Selection on an element within positioned container is lost after open context-menu then click one menu item.
#4683 : Double-quote character in attribute values was not escaped in the editor output.
#4762 : [IE] Unexpected vertical-scrolling behavior happens whenever focus is moving out of editor in source mode.
#4772 : Text color was not being applied properly on links.
#4795 : [IE] Press 'Del' key on horizontal line or table result in error.
#4824 : [IE] <br/> at the very first table cell breaks the editor selection.
#4851 : [IE] Delete table rows with context-menu may cause error.
#4951 : Replacing text with empty string was throwing errors.
#4963 : Link dialog was not opening properly for e-mail type links.
#5043 : Removed the possibility of having an unwanted script tag being outputted with the editor contents.
#3678 : There were issues when editing links inside floating divs with IE.
#4763 : Pressing ENTER key with text selected was not deleting the text in some situations.
#5096 : Simple ampersand attribute value doesn't work for more than one occurrence.
#3494 : Context menu is too narrow in some translations.
#5005 : Fixed HTML errors in PHP samples.
#5123 : Fixed broken XHTML in User Interface Languages sample.
#4893 : Editor now understands table cell inline styles.
#4611 : Selection around <select> in editor doesn't cause error anymore.
#4886 : Extra BR tags were being created in the output HTML.
#4933 : Empty tags with BR were being left in the DOM.
#5127 : There were errors when removing dialog definition pages through code.
#4767 : CKEditor was not working when ckeditor_source.js is loaded in the <body> .
#5062 : Avoided security warning message when loading the wysiwyg area in IE6 under HTTPS.
#5135 : The TAB key will now behave properly when in Source mode.
#4988 : It wasn't possible to use forcePasteAsPlainText with Safari on Mac.
#5095 : Safari on Mac deleted the current selection in the editor when Edit menu was clicked.
#5140 : In High Contrast mode, arrows were now been displayed for menus with submenus.
#5163 : The undo system was not working on some specific cases.
#5162 : The ajax sample was throwing errors when loading data.
#4999 : The Template dialog was not generating an undo snapshot.
Updated the following language files:
#5006 : Dutch;
#5039 : Finnish;
#5148 : Hebrew;
#5071 : Russian;
#5147 : Spanish;

And here a small explanation (from CKEditor developers) :

Quote:Can you explain the reason for releasing both 3.1.1 and 3.2 today? Is upgrading to 3.2 more involved than 3.1.1?

That's simply a new release standards we're using now.

Micro releases (3.1.1) are supposed to be bug fixing only releases. They should not contain important new features not even fixes that involve large code changes. So, upgrading from a closer previous release should be safer.

Minor releases instead bring more important code changes and additions. Because of this some developers consider minor releases more risky and prefer waiting a bit, or even perform a more extensive testing before using them.

So, we just want to give you the option. I hope this is useful.

Maybe it will help you to choose one of them...(Personally i have decided to use 3.2)

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Updating the different Javascripts &c used by GetSimple is already on the issue list. But thanks for remembering us Smile
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Zegnåt Wrote:But thanks for remembering us Smile
exactly what i mean to !
Sharing is human real nature...

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