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All Users Opinions Please - Why do you use GetSimple?
I am rewriting some of the old introductory pages in the wiki - About GS and Press Information. Instead of my own opinion I would like to know from people who use the software:
  • What is good about GetSimple?
  • Why do you use GetSimple?
  • What first impressed you about GetSimple?
  • why is GetSimple a better CMS than the others you looked at?
You don't need to answer all or any of those questions but any statement of the issue or features that are important to you would be useful. Is it the flat file thing? or a language thing? or that you can set up a site in an afternoon? or was it just the first CMS you found?


I am new to GetSimple, I haven't experienced a lot with it yet.
But why I am going to use GetSimple is because I was searching for a CMS that was clear for my clients and not that have a messy admin interface like WordPress does or any other big CMS.
I am also a beginner with php so I got to keep it simple for me too to edit the layout.

And since this is a small CMS system I got surprised by the fact that there are different kind of plugins which I really like!
I think the word "Simple" in the CMS name is chosen very well, because it is really simple to use!


Hello. I can tell you what and why Smile

I like XHTML and CSS. That's all I knew (+PhotoShop), it means that I could create static websites only. Then I got into the world of CMSes which allowed me to create dynamic websites without knowing both ASP.NET and PHP and this was the first and still the only one CMS I have worked with so far. I learn Java programming at school, which is not too much different from PHP, and GetSimple made me learn a bit of PHP.
This CMS is absolutely perfect (considering the simplicity).
It's totally easy to comprehend. It's ridiculously easy to use. Even creating own themes is easy. It's very lightweight. There is a lot of plugins that can extend your GetSimple instance. You don't have to have dozens of useless options like Joomla! has. If you want a simple web, it's simple. If you want a larger and more advanced web, you have it just a little bit more complex. But still easy and the only thing you have to change is .htaccess, themes and plugins, + gsconfig and CKEditor styles if you want. I should not forget that GetSimple doesn't use any databases - perfect for simplicity and speed.

Why do I use it? I use it because there are so many good things about it. I can create a highly developed website demo and then create many beautiful dynamic websites quickly. Furthermore, I could learn to use GetSimple easily with its Wiki and this support forum.

What interested me at the first moment was finding out that I can have a working contact form!!! (yes, I still can't program that.) It was really awesome moment. And the News Manager, I18N navigation, the option of easy multilingual site... Smile
What I really like is how people who are able to help try to help everyone who can express the problem.

Why is GetSimple better than other CMSs? You can't say it's better.
It's much much much more simpler, I think the simplest CMS ever. But, of course, the simplicity cost something - it's not as powerful as some other systems, for instance, with Joomla! with VirtueMart component you can create a small e-shop with like two thousand products. But it's much much much more complicated in comparison with GetSimple.
However, GetSimple is maybe the best CMS for little webpages and the simplest CMS for medium-sized websites.

Tom and his mind.
Tomáš Janeček - Multilingual personal website powered by GetSimple
» The little I did for GetSimple
  • Simple installation/configuration
  • Does NOT require a database backend
  • Mostly portable (*)
  • Plugins cover nearly all use-cases (which also means your site can be as simple or complex as needed)
  • Plugin support of modern features (Google Analytics, bootstrap, H5BP, landing pages/marketing/seo)

* IMO, one of the biggest opportunities GetSimple has is to improve portability - as far as relative links/images go...etc. If it were possible to create a dev site and simply copy a directory to a prod server (with NO/minimal changes required to content) it would be golden.
fast, secure and uses very little resources on the server. The same small 'brochure' website runs much better on getsimple than on wordpress. And is able to serve loads of traffic without slowing or returning errors. I posted the impressive results of a few tests where under simulated load wordpress started to crawl giving timeouts and errors getsimple had no problems at all.
-fast for small site deployment.
-no SQL required makes backup/recovery easy.
-page versioning is a great feature.
-templates are just PHP - no need to learn another markup language or add another layer of processing.
-easy to extend with lots of plugins.
-easy to develop new plugins.

-Rob A>
I was looking for a CMS, that is easier for customers to maintain by themselfs than Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.

Therefore I tested several CMS. GetSimple CMS is in my opinion the best. Because it needs no database, is fast, has all the plugins I need, is easy to explain and has a very friendly community.

In the meantime I also use GetSimple CMS for some of my own projects.

Why use Get Simple?? That's easy...the name says it all. You want a great way to offer a client a CMS based site...Get Simple. You want to create a dynamic site and don't want to deal with a database...Get Simple.

I looked for years for the best-fit CMS option that I had in my head for building sites. One day I stumbled upon Get Simple and had my "Ah-Ha" moment. It is a breeze to set up. Converting a static HTML file to use the templating code...very easy. Add in additional functionality without having to code everything yourself is a great option. I can't recommend this CMS enough.
It's just like that

- no SQL fuss
- fast sites
- very simple to start with and study. I'm no programmer at all.
- helpful & welcoming community
- the CMS is alive and kicking
- pretty good clear documentation (wiki).
I use GetSimple because of its ease of use. I'm an expert in Drupal and Wordpress and have been using it professionally for about 6 years. What I have found with most of the sites that I have built with these CMS's is that they really are not easy for the end user. There is quite a learning curve for both CMS's and usually if not always I have the client having me manage the site. Well that's great!!!! Who does not like that extra money for maintenance? Well, for someone who knows those systems pretty much inside and out....I can tell what a pain it it is to have to log in input and fiddle with the content in the editor, create a view, create a widget etc. I'd rather just be opening up a file!!! I have found that while these CMSs are nice many times its just bloat with too many queries back and forth form the DB.

Anyhow! I just love GS though I'm merely a noob at it. I love how it really just takes two clicks to get something done Smile I'm developing my first professional site with it and I have been impressed with it so far. I will post it up in the sites section when Im finished.

So in short I use it because Smile

1. Community (really helpful folks here!)
2. Ease of use
3. Flat file
4. No fuss!
I use GetSimple for several reasons

1. It has a small footprint. Most of my customers are 1 - 5 page sites. GS allows me to use a "cheap" provider because the storage size is so little and I don't have to install SQL. But the customer can still manage their own content. I like not having to touch a website just to fix a typo or add a new line.

2. It is scalable. Although these sites start small, I know that I can grow their website to a size bigger than they would ever need.

3. It is easy. I knew no PHP whenever I started with GS. I have used this CMS to teach myself PHP. Not that I am a PHP expert by any means, but I can code some custom stuff now. Trying to learn PHP by jumping into say Drupal, which I have since done, is daunting.

4. It is extensible. There are some great plugins created by some really good guys for this CMS. This makes GS a well rounded tool to use with a lot of features.

5. It is simple. The layout is straightforward and logical. The templating is basic but complete. I like being able to take a html skeleton, fill in a couple of functions and I have a working GS theme.

Basically I use GS because I like it. I looked at several other CMS's when starting this venture and always thought that GS looked the best of the small footprint variety. I like the community. If I ask a question I don't get a "RTFM" response.

Thanks to everyone who has made this a great system and continue to improve on it.
I am used to building html websites for friends an customers at no fee or a small fee , now i wanne take it a step further and becom a web builder. Php is new to me buit styling and html not ,

the only problem i came across was that people keep on asking me to change tekst or images ,

There was the solution to this problem.

GetSimple. a beautiful , easy cms. People can now change there own content on my html websites. i use it with a custtom theme in iframes on html sites , but also as stand alone with themes.

I am not an expert and learning as we go , but get simple solved a major problem for me on maintaining websites.

i create websites in 2 main languages German and dutch.

januari 2014 i plan to lanch my web building service and start selling sites, by then i hope to have everything i need up and running.

Im also gonne do a lot of how to videos of the basics of get simple for my customers.

The get simple software will or plugins not be sold, only the custome html skin i create or theme.

I am planning to donate a bit of every sale i make to get simple. its a great website that needs and must be supported for development.

Tanx getsimple team , you've created a way for me to take my hobby and make it my work.

there for i use getsimple.
(sorry for my bad englisch)
Congrats on getting up and running on GetSimple. It is simple but it can be what you really want it to be.

Now ....don't price yourself out of the market with doing sites for free or small fee !!!! Smile

Web Development shouldn't be something that is just ordinary. The talents all of us possess are unique. There is high demand for this stuff and giving it away at a nominal charge is ridiculous. Then everyone else expects it. Ok I'll get off the soap box. Congrats on using this and welcome to getSimple
(2013-09-26, 01:17:22)lnickel Wrote: Congrats on getting up and running on GetSimple. It is simple but it can be what you really want it to be.

Now ....don't price yourself out of the market with doing sites for free or small fee !!!! Smile

Web Development shouldn't be something that is just ordinary. The talents all of us possess are unique. There is high demand for this stuff and giving it away at a nominal charge is ridiculous. Then everyone else expects it. Ok I'll get off the soap box. Congrats on using this and welcome to getSimple

it could be thaT I WROTE IT WRONG BUT couse my englisch is not verry good but the new intentions are for the future to charge a predifend price as package for the template , skin and other options such as hosting , domain , stream schoutcast . i use to do the sites for free or small fee.

{let me explane i bit more of myself, im born in Netherlands, living in germanie , 38 years old, 3 times hartattack and still manny hart problems, thats why i went back to my old hobby of html. and used to do sites for free or small fee , couse i can not work 8 til 5 dayley anymore and i found mysefl a bit to young to sit arount an do nothing.}

the next step for me is , hosting > stream schoutcat and icecast , webhosting , creation and solutions mainley targetted at artists and online radio stations , and that is not free of charge , however i still dont wanne sell any of get simple or plugins , the templetas or skins i intent to do sell.

hope i have explaned it better , sorry for my bad englisch

kind regards leo
Cheers its all good Leo!!! Sorry I didnt mean to come off grumpy. Smile
Originally I started with a much bigger CMS, almost known as Joomla or previously Mambo. They are nice and BIG! And the BIG is the reason for searching a system fast to install, easy to customize and fast to maintain.

--- What is good about GetSimple? ---

Really easy, even for customers.

--- Why do you use GetSimple? ---

Easy setup, easy to maintain. Easy to backup and switch to another server. No restictions in programming. Almost no limits. (I only missing a better UAC (User acces control))

--- What first impressed you about GetSimple? ---

The setup in 5 minutes was great und true. :-)

--- Why is GetSimple a better CMS than the others you looked at? ---

"Better" is the wrong word. As a professional webdesigner with years auf experience you have to choose the right system for the customers. It doesn't matter which system you choose, only the result is important. Here getsimple has big advantages: It is simple enough to develop fast but powerfull to hold even large and complicated sites (thanks for the wonderfull plugins!) and it is open enough to switch to a bigger CMS if you need. Hopfully not, but it is possible without loosing too much code.

Thanks for this peace of rocking software!
I hope that the version number never ends ;-)

With one final word: GREAT!
--- What is good about GetSimple? ---
xml.. no.. data base... multi cms in one serwer in one database.... no add's.... multi plugins...
extra interface, customization.. and forum.. user's help!

--- Why do you use GetSimple? ---
Easy setup, easy to maintain

- The setup in 5 minutes ....
this is no prioritet... but it's fine

--- Why is GetSimple a better CMS than the others you looked at? ---
i's simple for all.. and it's have a potential, community
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