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Quick Start Tutorial - The Pavement Cafe
This is the thread for queries, suggestions and assistance with the Wiki Quick Start Tutorial making the Pavement Cafe Website.
Also for the Pavement Theme in extend which is needed to complete the tutorial.
500 Downloads and no questions, queries or problems. I take that as good.
Hi Timbow,

Ok one problem for you. I have installed Simple CMS and I do like its simplicity. I am having problems with plugins however. I have followed the instructions with two (Share 5+ and GS Socialise). They appear under the Plugins tab and appear active (ie have Disable link next to them). However when I go to edit one of my pages or create a new one I cannot see any evidence of the these plugins existing - nothing at all appears to have changed? Thanks Tickling
I am not an expert on either of those plugins and have no idea why they wouldn't work. sometimes plugins conflict with each other. Sometimes templates are not well written.

Best find the plugin thread and ask there.

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