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GetSimple Theme Maker?
Well done to all behind the scenes who helped develop this brilliant cms, as well as to those building the plugins!
The thing that GetSimple needs is more themes, which brings us to the following question:

Is there applications that will allow your everyday GS user - not just your hardened coders - to create templates easily?

Software such as Dreamweaver and the likes exist, but what else is there out there that GS users could make use of?

StyleMaster ( seems to be invaluable tool as far as CSS development goes.

An interesting piece of software I came across is Website Layout Maker ( If there is similar software to WLM, I am sure there would be a lot more GS themes available for download.

Would it be possible to have a permanent thread/page dedicated to software and apps, that could help with the development of GetSimple templates?
Good idea!

I made this post about such a tool: (allthough it's more an editor)
Someone has posted a base theme for theme templating.
It might help.
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