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Blog and content security

as a blogger, i am, of course, interested in the security of the original content which i post. obviously, under normal circumstances, that material can be "skimmed" ... er, if anyone read me. Dodgy
i am currently using 3.2.1, responsiveinnovation theme with gs-blog as my blog manager. i have made no particular revisions to any of these as my first priority is to restore my blog archive and ensure basic features before customizing.
one thing that came to mind was converting/inserting a Flash frame to load the php/xml content of my main column. i found this reference which suggests it should be possible although i am no expert:

have any of you wunderkinde faced a similar concern and found a practical solution?

as always, any advice or direction is appreciated.
There is no solution, the web is open by nature. That's what copyright law is for.
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