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faking the funk, invisible slugs
I have been thinking about having slugs that dynamically output data from a plugin for various things, this is a pattern we use frequently.

Search output, blogs, category excerpts, galleries, anything dynamic.

I am not sure how some plugins do this, maybe I missed something obvious.
I believed there are 2 options but both boils down, you make a page where you want this to show up, basically a fake empty page, then you stick a inline shortcode in there to insert your plugins content, or the plugin uses a content filter which throws junk in your sidebar if you use getcontent, or it replaces global content on index-pretemplate hook. The page creation is usually left as an exercise left for the end user.

Most I have used involved a fake page sitting in your pages.

To have a completely fake page that does not exist you can do this. ( I beleive )

PHP Code:



$id == "fake"){
$data_index->title         "fake";
$data_index->date          "";
$data_index->metak         "";
$data_index->meta         "";
$data_index->url           "fake"// THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE TO OVERRIDE THE 404
$data_index->content       "fake output";
$data_index->parent        "";
$data_index->template  "";
$data_index->private       "";

edited to fix var names,thanks angryboy

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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
This is so simple, yet so effective! Honestly, it'll save a LOT of junk page creation. Just change the properties you've got there: metak to just meta and template_file to just template (they didn't seem to work for me otherwise).

Will definitely implement this on the Message Board plugin. Thank you very much for this, shawn!
The downsides, you will have to update it with other fields as they are added to core if you want to, I can modify index to accommodate missing ones in the future, also we assign all these to globals, so there is some confusion as to which are used where a global or data_index, which has been adopted by a lot of components and plugins. So we should make it standard one of these days.

Also there is the issues of menus and breadcrumbs and headers possibly not working, I am looking into all the possibilities to make this an official method of slowing dynamic slugs or making a new hook for it specifically.

For things that use page cache it's possible to add your dynamic slug into it for site maps etc. I just have not looked at it all yet.

As far as metad and template_file these are right out of index.php.
So maybe we should alias them to match the globals or make a new global object of page variables.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Very interesting.
Note that this will not work with GS versions before 3.2.1.
Oh yes, sorry, i have updated the main post with that and the fixed varnames
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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