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User levels
I think that the GetSimple core should allow 2 default user levels:

- administrator: access to everything
- normal user: access to everything in the admin panel except Plugins, Theme, Components, Settings (except own profile, which should be separated), etc. Those sections should also be hidden for them.

That is, normal users would not have access to any section where they could insert php code, and also the Plugins section (where they could disable some plugins to gain access to the other sections)

Plugins (like some that exist) could then create additional user levels based on that last one, impose more restrictions, etc.

(I'm suggesting this because a users plugin may not be able to totally prevent access to some of those sections, so I think it should be in the core.)
Yes, But i think there should be arbitrary access groups.
With these being the 2 presets.

There should also be a concept of THE ADMIN, the admin account being the super user account.

Initially i think we could do this by wrapping all UI elements in an output function, that can be hooked into some permission bitflag system.

Initially would have to support, tabs, sidemenus, support plugins, and php permissions on actual pages.
operations like settings, save, pagesave etc somehow.
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