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Non-Clickable Links for il8N Navigation?
(2013-05-31, 01:26:46)Angryboy Wrote: Hope it's helpful. If you're feeling the urge to convert to WordPress again in the future due to any GetSimple frustrations, feel free to PM me. *smiles*

[For future reference: if you have plugin-specific queries, it is better to keep those questions in the support threads that the original authors publish.]

Thanks angryboy. I was on a time constrained project and really wanted to use GS. As with anything there is a learning curve - I should of really taken that into consideration. I'm well versed into wp and themeing so I went back only because of the time Smile but teetering on just using GS....Smile I really want to just use GS for future projects because of the 'no-fuss' editing. I don't need that layer for management like clients do. Many thanks!!! Sorry for putting this in the wrong place! Smile

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