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Ecommerce/PayPal Plugin Needed
Quote:Wanting a cms and shopping cart within 1 tool is hard to find and GetSimple just doesn't give me what I want.

I agree - GetSimple does need an ecommerce/paypal plugin. Not everyone has the need to sell thousands of products - for those, Magento and the likes are there for their use.

GetSimple is a great CMS package - it would be nice if such a plugin was developed - and looking through some of the posts, others would like it too!

Dominion jCart appears to be no longer developed - the time invested in making this plugin would be appreciated!
Nice to see other user's thinking the same as me (by the way, you are referring to my old post).
I've actually even up with trying to look for a CMS and E'commerce in one, its no use to try and look because there is nothing really out there.

Just to give you the heads up, I'm actually using GetSimple for the website and Opencart for the e-commerce.
Now, with this in mind, I am working on a solution where if a customer wants the ecommerce and website in 1, they would -
Step 1 - There need to sign into a secure login page
Step 2 - Choose to whether edit there website (in GetSimple) or edit there ecommerce products (Opencart).
Now, I am trying to bypass ANY login page after signing into the secure login page.

This would mean I need to edit the login page pages in GetSimple and link it to a MySQL database. Also bypass Opencart login page with the same login database.

Yes, this still means 2 different websites and 2 different tools but least the customer has 1 login.

I would like to see a new development of a plugin in GetSimple with ecommerce. I would love to try and develop this myself but I really do not have much knowledge in doing this.
Dominion jCart Version: 0.5e working with WebMoney, but something happened PayPal
But like Chaos said, Dominion is not being in development. I tried to use this plugin but got no luck with editing the layout etc. The reason? Simple, the code script needs to be put in a page, not placed into the page html. It's very messy but functional.
GetSimple is, in my opinion, being let down by not having such plugins. I do not want to move away from this cms.

Dominion jCart just does not seem to cut it - no longer developed - need we say more. No doubt there will be some issues for some and if so, who is to assist them?

Tzvook, Angryboy & Shawn_a seem to be having some serious discussions regarding another very needed addition to GetSimple - a Catalogue Plugin:

Perhaps these are the guys we need to talk to - could an eCommerce plugin be integrated into their Catalogue plugin as well as being stand-alone.

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