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No Host
I recently switched from GSCMS to Squarespace, but now that I switched I don't know how to access my previous content I created in GSCMS.

The only way I knew was

but now that I switched I don't know how to access it, nor do I know my old IP address [if that matters]

Apologizes if this is posted elsewhere, I couldn't find it.

Please help!
How are we supposed to help you find a site you lost. Are you even on the same host still?
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
"I left you, but please I cannot remember where I put my blue socks" the unfaithful husband asked his former wife ;=)

Everyone with a little understanding of his work does a backup before he moves his system or site.

Why you title this posting "No host"? You should better title it "without a plan" ;=)

You even don't tell whether you deleted the content on your server before you installed or if you installed "over" the old installation of GS.

Do you really want us to search your rubbish?

In case you installed without deleting GS before, you are free to study the folder structure of GS :

you will identify the folder where GS stores the content.
You will find all your content there.

In case you ever made a backup of GS inside GS as admin, you may have the chance to find a backup-zipfile at your server.

I hope your situation is a lesson for you. Before you switch from your actual system to the next, do a backup.

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