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Multiple content areas
Hi there,

not sure if this is the right board to ask, but I have a little problem with one of my customers wishes for a page.
He wants to have a normal menu and content area, so far so good. But additionally he needs a sub menu in the footer and below that there should be a second content area, wherein the content from the sub menu should be loaded. Additionally to the current opened page and loaded content.
Not sure if my description was enough to get the idea Smile

I'm not sure how I can achieve this, any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Sorry to bump this, but: anybody an idea?
Would that second content area be the same across all the site?
If so, you can create a normal page for it and call it in your template with:
<?php getPageContent('page-slug'); ?>
The area would be the same across the whole site but I need to call it with a separate navigation.
My current suggestion:

Create a custom field named 'link' and add an anchor to it, add a jQuery script to check clicks on these, let's call it footer links (e.g. '#footer-downloads'. Whenever a footer links in clicked, the content should be loaded via ajax post to a php function within a functions.php file, to call getPageContent.
So far so good, but here I have a general question:
How can I access the getPageContent function from php file lying somewhere in the theme folder?

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