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Noobie.. Get me started please
Hello: So I'm brand new to here. I have a bit of PHP development experience, enough to get me in trouble Wink

I would like to try GetSimple CMS as a pilot project. At this time I am looking for some kind of documentation or a page on your site that provides some instructions on how, in my own web site written in PHP, do I access, retreive, update, delete, etc content in a GetSimple CMS. I'm struggling trying to find out how to code these simple functions from a PHP page.

It the solutions are right in front of me then I apologize for this question, otherwise please have patience with this noob and let me know where I can get the information I need to get started using this CMS.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
(2013-09-07, 02:12:02)gmarshall56 Wrote: I would like to try GetSimple CMS as a pilot project.
Find yourself a web host – a free one is enough to get started, though it may have limitations.

In the Wiki, start with the Quick Install. The basic installation of GetSimple has everything you need to start, including a couple of site themes. Be prepared to make mistakes and start over, but it really is straightforward.

Then progress to Timbow's excellent Ten Minute Website Tutorial to get the basics of making your own theme.

Take your time and don't try to make a production site in the first morning. Look in the Wiki and use Google to search this forum (use site: in your Google search), as most questions have already been answered.
you do not interface to GS with php, GS IS your website, it is not a backend.
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