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wiki page - Theme Tab - Sitemap
The current wiki page for the User Guide - Admin - Theme Tab is here

The guys translating the wiki into Russian were politely pointing out its shortcomings, lol, so I am making a new proposed wiki page here

But the Sitemap. Can someone clarify what the up-to-date info is, eg When is a sitemap created?, when and what is pinged? why would you disable the pinging? and is there any particular reason to view your sitemap other than confirming it is there?

Okay, Done Now

Sorry for interrupting:

Timbow Wrote:You can't save an empty component.

Actually, you can. Since version 3.2.0
Yeah just one of many things needing updating.
I hate wikis they are the most unnecessarily complicated authoring systems
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
@ datiswous - thanks!

@ shawn - Yeah, for sure. I do a bit here and there when I see it but I haven't been through the changelog seeking out things to update. What are the biggest issues? Error Suppression? A lot of stuff on gsconfig.

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