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template modificaiton
I want to use two themes in my website.

Here are the steps I have taken:

I copied the template.php file from the second theme folder and placed it in the main theme folder.

I renamed the second theme template php file.

On the webpage I want to use the second theme on - I used the page option and changed the page template to the second theme template.

I have modifed the PHP lines include ( " ' ) to this
include ( " /Innovation/ ' ) on the second theme template php file.

When I access the page using the second theme - I get his error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Innovation_Settings() in /home/scenicra/public_html/ on line 13

What am I doing wrong ?
Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function Innovation_Settings() in /home/scenicra/public_html/ on line 13

Change ' /Innovation/ ' . Drop '/Innovation/'.

Copy and rename the '' file to match your new template.

Hope that helps?
My primary theme is Holford /theme/holford/

The additional theme I would like to use is Innovation /theme/Innovation/

In order for the Secondary Innovation theme template to access files in the Innovation folder - I would assume that I must include the /Innovation/ within the PHP include - since the Holford theme is the primary one and I include all template files in the Holford theme folder.
GetSimple expects to find all of its template files in one folder. Copy and change any files from another theme that you wish to use and rename them for use inside your main theme.
Also, if there are any functions that you wish to use from another theme, copy those functions into your functions.php file.
You should not have to " combine " anything. PHP include provides for parsing relative URL object location. Keeping themes seperate would be more logical and save much head scratching.
You can keep themes files separate but it's better if you have all the files within the same theme folder. What you can do is create a subfolfer with the files of the second theme, so they won't mix.

For your second be able to work, you will need to do some changes that will break Innovation theme for future use as separate theme, unless you repair everything again before you use it.
English isn't my native language. Sorry for any mistakes you may find.

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