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Themes with same name

I found an html template and adapted it for GS. The template is called "Simple Blue", therefore the adapted theme name is "Simple Blue Theme". I like to keep the similarity between the theme name and its source template.

I saw there is already a theme with this name, so my question is if it is ok to have 2 themes with the same name or do I have to change it?

English isn't my native language. Sorry for any mistakes you may find.
Hi Luigi. In the time I have been here I have never seen any control exercised over what is uploaded to extend. It has always been open and free. In my opinion that is a very good thing. There is some junk in extend but not very much.

So you most likely can do what you want, but it might be more polite to bokor.pavol who is often here and contributing not to use the same name that he has already used, or pm him, or just call your theme something different like Get Simple Blue, More Simple Blue, Simple Blues, Simple in Blue, Blue Simple...
I just do not advise to use the same name twice!

THink of any user asking for support in the forum. Those friendly people who dare to give support have to realize that there are some themes with the same name.

Do you want all supporters here to wade through all themes to find out which theme is the one, where the support is needed? Nope!

Please be polite and use another title for the theme.

I know about these problems, my family name is "Müller" (german version of "Miller") ;=(((

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Thank you both!
English isn't my native language. Sorry for any mistakes you may find.

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