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Image Description
Is there a simple way to add an Imagedescription?
a title attribute?
Hope I've understood correctly your question: Then add an image e click two times on it.
A kind of control panel will appear to you: here you can type your description in the window "alternative text".
A tag alt="Your Description" will be added to your image.
Let me know if it is what you need.
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You want media metadata ?
I would love to have that, but it seems like something that goes against "simple" and better suited for a plugin.
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While I can’t promise you a Christmas present, i am working on just such an application (plug-in) that will use images as a database for parsing into templates that you can set up depending on what information you wish to show at any one time. As reference for this, I can refer you to my sandbox, and a set of (zip) files that can be used inside Adobe Photoshop. While these files are a little more robust than what you probably need, ...they are intended for artists to record all of their relevance information inside images of their work.

The online version will be governed by a checklist preference file for creating just the subset that you would want to use. The majority of this work you would do off-line using localStorage both as database, reader and template maker using jquery. PHP will be used online for parsing this data and storing it into each image. The link below will give you a better understanding of what I am talking about, and is an application that I will be updating first, …and I hope soon!

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